BabyMello™ Tummy Time Mat
BabyMello™ Tummy Time Mat
BabyMello™ Tummy Time Mat
BabyMello™ Tummy Time Mat

BabyMello™ Tummy Time Mat

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How it works

Tummy time is a necessary activity in order to ensure your little one grows strong and stays healthy. However as parents, we all know how difficult tummy time can be for our babies.

This aquarium-themed BabyMello™ Mat makes tummy time way easier and more enjoyable - for both the baby and the parents!


Encourages Healthy Development

What are the benefits

Develop Essential Skills!


Fun & Entertaining


Easy To Use

high quality

Built To Last


Material: 0.3 Food Grade 16P Environmental PVC

Age Range: Newborn to 24 Months

Includes: 1 x Water Play Mat


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Our Guarantee

We stand behind our product and we believe our customers shouldn't have to pay for something they don't like.

If you are not satisfied with the BabyMello Tummy Time Mat for any reason, simply contact us within 30 days of receiving your order at for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Tiffany Griffin
Baby approved!

My granddaughter doesn't like to do tummy time, that is unless she’s laying on this! She is 5 months old and completely loves this!

Emily S.
Works like a charm!

My baby loves this water mat. It helped him quickly build strength. He is sitting now, but still loves the mat. He is a bit ahead now in development whereas before he was behind. I think the mat helped.

Nicole G.
Great for all younger toddlers and babies

My baby loves this! My sister’s 4 month likes laying on it while we move the water. My 8 month baby loves swatting it as hard as she can. There are foam shapes inside that she watches swish around in the water. It’s very durable and the water plug is underneath so the baby can’t pull it out while playing with it.

Lorelei Brown
Great tummy-time toy!

Great tummy-time toy, helps baby learn to roll over in order to play with floating toys and develop crawling muscles. My grandson loves it.

Stephen Pearson
Fun, interaction water toy

Baby loves it, fun toy that he enjoys the the texture of the water and tries to grab the toys inside. It's much larger than I anticipated, was hoping to use it for the car but has worked out just fine for him on the floor, now he crawls on it, lays on it, so its durable through milestones.